Hi, I’m Sarah Bowman, and I am a Peace Corps Volunteer in Grand Roy, St. Johns! I am a music teacher, I sing, play piano, and I also love to paint and draw. Being outdoors and exploring nature is one of my favourite things to do. I am proud to be a strong, independent woman and am excited to help our campers find their strength and independence as young women in Grenada.


My name is Kissandra Smith. I am Grenadian.  About myself, I love people; I love Mother Nature; and I love reading. Also, it is my personal belief that to feel compassion, to practice love, to walk and see with understanding is the way forward for humanity. I believe the love, compassion and understanding creates respect and tolerance. I dream of a world where all this can be achieved. But I also believe that to achieve this we need to work for it, starting with ourselves.


My name is Rachel Passmore and I am US Peace Corps volunteer. I love sitting in sunshine, playing soccer and eating lots of vegetables (and cheese…and bread)! I am from Vienna, Virginia, went to Penn State University, and lived in India last year as a Fulbright-Nehru scholar. I am passionate about women’s rights and I am excited to be a camp counselor for Camp GLOW this year!

I am 19 year old Kelsey Noel! I am a talented and fun person who loves to sing and worship our creator. I’m a student at the T.A Marryshow Community College. I love empowering women and making sure that they take a stand for themselves and what is right! I am very excited for Camp GLOW 2017!